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Track DC LogoOHR - Human Rights, Office of
Mónica Palacio
Acting Director

OHR - Human Rights, Office of

The DC OHR investigates and resolves complaints of discrimination in employment, housing, places of public accommodation, and educational institutions, according to the DC Human Rights Act of 1977 and other numerous local and federal laws. OHR also prevents discrimination by providing training and educating DC government employees, private employers, workers, and the community at-large of their rights and responsibilities under the law. OHR monitors compliance to the Language Access Act of 2004 and investigates allegations of non-compliance to this Act by DC government agencies. The agency also investigates complaints and conditions causing community tension and conflict that can lead to breaches of the peace. The Commission on Human Rights is the adjudicatory body that decides private sector cases after OHR has found “probable cause” of discrimination.>> more