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Track DC LogoOAG - Office of the Attorney General
Irvin B. Nathan
Attorney General

OAG - Office of the Attorney General

OAG is charged with conducting the District’s legal business. To discharge these duties, OAG is divided into ten Divisions: the Office of the Solicitor General; Child Support Services; Civil Litigation; Commercial; Family Services; Health and Human Services; Legal Counsel; Public Safety; Personnel, Labor and Employment; and Agency Management. OAG represents the District in virtually all civil litigation, prosecutes certain criminal offenses on the District’s behalf and represents the District in a variety of administrative hearings and other proceedings. In addition, OAG is responsible for advising the Executive Office of the Mayor, the D.C. Council, the D.C. Courts, various Boards and Commissions, for reviewing legislation and regulations, and for supervising lawyers working in the general counsel offices of 28 agencies. All told, the Attorney General supervises the legal work of about 350 attorneys and an additional 350 administrative/professional staff.>> more